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Monica Cardoza

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Author of the forthcoming book The Great Local Outdoors: 101 Dirt-Cheap Ways to Get Outside, From the Front Door to Towns and Cities and Further Afield.

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4 Takeaways from My First Moth Party, and Tips for Throwing Your Own

4 Takeaways from My First Moth Party, and Tips for Throwing Your Own
Jul 25, 2022 by Monica Cardoza


Tell someone you’re going to a moth party on a summer Saturday night, and reactions will range from eye rolls to confusion as in “Did you say ‘goth’ party?”

I had my own questions about moth parties, which have grown in popularity ever since National Moth Week was founded in 2012 by the New Jersey nonprofit Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission. National Moth Week runs the last week in July. This week it’s July 23-31. There’s still time to find one, as I did last Saturday.

Here are my four takeaways from the moth party I attended along with tips for throwing your own: